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Charity Partner


The past 18 months has been filled with many challenges. Like many, Knitting Factory did a lot of self-reflection and we understood just how lucky we are to keep bringing live music to our hometown of Boise and to be surrounded by this uniquely supportive and tight-knit community.

In looking for ways to give back to the community we love so much, we will be partnering with different local non-profits quarterly. Our goal is to help raise awareness for these incredible organizations and to serve as a virtual fundraiser. Knitting Factory ticket buyers will have the option to donate during the Ticketmaster checkout process.

City of Good is a Boise nonprofit that unites local restaurants and growers to address food insecurity among school-aged children. Born out of the pandemic in 2020, City of Good united local restaurants and growers to help keep food system workers working while feeding the food insecure right here in our community. To date, City of Good has delivered more than 50,000 meals to school-aged children in Boise. Please consider a donation to City of Good today!


About City of Good:

City of Good launched in early 2020 amidst the COVID pandemic to increase our community’s food system resilience. They partnered with the Boise Farmers Market to redesign its Saturday operations by deploying a virtual shopping system, drive-thru delivery and by mobilizing a massive volunteer base for the Market’s weekly on-site operations.

Their simultaneous challenge as a community was to help feed the city’s citizens affected by job loss owing to the pandemic. While food insecurity existed pre-COVID, the issue is poised to become only a much larger crisis over time. This, in addition to seeing record numbers of lay-offs in the food-service industry and the challenges faced by local farms and producers to bring their products to market, was the first opportunity for City of Good to problem-solve.

Since then, City of Good has joined forces with the Boise School District’s Community Schools Program to help provide healthy meals to food-insecure children on a weekly basis, bridging the span of weekends when hunger is most often acute. These Weekend Fuel Kits are created by chefs and their teams at six participating restaurants. Food is currently being prepared by the following businesses: Bittercreek Alehouse, The Boise Co-op, The Brickyard, Fork, KIN, and The Wylder. This in turn has helped the restaurants to reemploy their kitchen staff at a time when these small businesses are operating at well below capacity. By ensuring that no less than 30% of each meal features fresh, local produce, we’re supporting our critical local farm ecosystem.

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