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101 Avenue A - New York, NY

Ace Bandage

ACE BANDAGE are a Brooklyn-based all-purpose freak-rock quartet established in 2022 by guitarist/vocalist Jake Pepper (ex-Future Punx, Fergus and Geronimo, Frankie Rose), bassist/saxophonist Zach Koeber (ex-Archie Pelago), guitarist Kent Dunne, and drummer Taylor Harvey. Formed out of a mutual love of improv-based jam-rock and a simultaneous frustration with its relegation to hippie realms, Ace aims to modernize and expand upon traditional notions of what a "Jam Band" looks and sounds like. With hours of unique live releases available on, their first "proper" streaming single, “One Night / Dear Theo” opens a more accessible angle to the ace-curious listener, displaying their multifaceted nature in two relatively brief songs. Ace plans to release several more such singles over the course of  2024, as well as re-master key live releases for release on streaming services, while keeping up a steady pace of always-unique live performances.

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