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101 Avenue A - New York, NY

Andras Jones

Andras Jones is a songwriter you may know for other reasons. His latest album Recognize, De-escalate & De-code has been in the works for over a decade. The singles from the album; “Record Store”, “Olympia’s Secret”, “Absolutely No Sense of Humor” & “Get Outta My Head” have all received extensive indie radio play in the US and the UK this spring.


Here's a playlist of the videos:


Andras appears on the new Sweet Relief tribute to Lowell George from Flat Iron Records -


The video for his latest single “Dylan & Moses” is set for release on August 1st.


The last time Andras played music in NYC was at The Sidewalk Café during the years of the anti-hoots. His return to the neighborhood features two artists who were regular guests on his Radio8Ball Show in which questions are “answered” by randomly choosing songs which are performed by the songwriters and interpreted like musical tarot cards.

August 6 / Feverdream Lounge
Show: 6:30 pm