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101 Avenue A - New York, NY


Share the present and bolster the light…

Born in Boston and matured in Brooklyn NY, GIFT’s music bubbles with nostalgia and psychedelic pastiche. The swirling blend of GIFT’s lysergic cocktail conjures bright impressions of NEU! and Stereolab, while staying true to the sweeter pop sensibilities of Revolver-era Beatles.

GIFT’s sound is striking and distinguished; marked by hypnotic musical mantras and effervescent synths spun against shining sun-kissed guitars. GIFT is the expression and embodiment of a surreal and momentary ideology-- that we are here, present in the present, immersed in a waking moment that is shared by all

GIFT released their well received debut single “Strange” a week before a global pandemic, a serendipitous event given the themes of the song: finding the light in times of darkness. GIFT’s work has continued in the home studio since, with a fully fledged debut album slated for release in 2022.

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