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101 Avenue A - New York, NY

Jairito y La Onda

Jairito y La Onda is led by musician, writer, composer, and producer Jairo Barsallo Rubio.  A son of Panamanian immigrants, a lover, a fighter, and life long learner.  He grew up discovering music and started playing alongside his family at an early age, experiencing the sound scapes of soothing melodies, and the heart-pulsing rhythms of Latin music, as well as the roaring, cutting, and captivating ease of guitars in Rock n Roll. As an artist he has appreciated and been formed by many genres throughout his life navigating the US as the child of immigrants.  Jairo has appeared in outfits Wild Yaks, Ritmo Cascabel, Slynger, The Kinky Fingers, High Plains Honky, George Cessna and Snakes, Ritmo Tropical (his fathers band) other projects.  
Jairito y La Onda is alive with the thumping low end tones of bassist Giovanni Kincade and the infectious rhythms of drummer Rony Bonilla. Jairito y La Onda will leave you with an eclectic sense of sound, ganas to dance,  and the possibility of something new to be discovered.  
July 24 / Knitting Factory New York
Show: 8:30 pm