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101 Avenue A - New York, NY

Kait Warner

Kait Warner's songwriting sensibility is both surreal and sincere. Her music is a dramatic and eerily beautiful mutant strain of pop informed by her background as a lifelong choral musician, a classical music lover, and her practice in experimentation and genre-bending. Orchestrations are intriguingly nuanced with oddball instrumentation and experimental textures, and her harmonic sensibility manages to be cinematically sophisticated. Joining her in the making of literate chamber-pop is a talented and close-knit group of multi-instrumentalists who met in middle school and have been playing together in one way or another ever since. With Kait’s songs and a hive mind to arrangements and orchestrations, this family of friends have nurtured a nine-song album 'Rodeo Clown' that conjures the type of music you would hear at the end of a classic Twin Peaks episode, or a haunted circus.
June 12 / Knitting Factory New York
Show: 8:30 pm