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101 Avenue A - New York, NY


Western Massachusetts band Landowner play abrasively clean minimalist-punk. Singer Dan Shaw defined Landowner's sound as a drum-machine driven solo project on the Impressive Almanac cassette in 2016, and when the full band came together in 2017, the group made a deliberate effort to preserve that sound while playing live. The result, so far, has been four LPs released on Born Yesterday Records. Landowner's music is built from its own unique set of blueprints, in which clean tones, abrasive minimalism, and caricatured hardcore make space for lyrics that reflect on the global systems our lives are tangled in and the dark absurdities we take for granted.
The name “Landowner” conjures images of a tough guy collecting rent, building fences into square shapes on a round planet, hoping to win the fight against nature, exhausting the soil into sand, starving to death surrounded by money, well-respected in the community, walking thanklessly through the doors that were opened to him.

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