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101 Avenue A - New York, NY

OK Cowgirl

The music of indie rock four-piece Ok Cowgirl exists at an intersection of lyric-driven catharsis and dreamy, guitar-centric ecstasy; a sonic representation of a specific kind of bliss endemic to a live setting. Fronted by multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Leah Lavigne and backed by Matt Birkenholz on drums, Jase Hottenroth on bass, and Jake Sabinsky on guitar, the Brooklyn-based project draws upon a collective decades’ worth of experience playing and working in the New York scene. Sourcing inspiration from the members’ respective engagements with DIY communities in cities like Minneapolis, Detroit, and Brooklyn, Ok Cowgirl’s studio output reflects the outfit’s genesis as a live band, crystallizing around instrumental and vocal passages that spurred genuine reactions from crowd's past.
The end result is a thunderous, triumphant, and ultimately honest blend of lyrical candor and raw electric performance — music that the band describes as both “a place for reprieve and catharsis” and the type of tracks well-suited for “dancing, crying, and then dancing again.”

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