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101 Avenue A - New York, NY


“Stunning instrumentation and lyricism to boot” – Paste Magazine

Get yourself a big pot. Fill it with a broth rich with grooves. Toss in liberal, flavorful handfuls of The Beatles, XTC and Talking Heads. Add dashes of the Allman Brothers Band, World Party and Tom Petty. Let it simmer for a long, long time, until all those flavors meld into the unique, melodic, catchy and indescribable deliciousness we call Storytown. Correct the seasoning. Dig in.

Storytown is the creation of Guy Story, born and bred in Mississippi and now living in NYC. Guy spent more than three decades embedded in the technology industry, working for Bell Laboratories, Amazon, and as the founding CTO at Audible, Guy had an early footprint in startup culture, digital media, and rights management, all of which have become major touchstones in the current landscape of the music industry.

Storytown songs show an innate understanding of how great pop songs work—lyrics that match the emotional heft of the music and arrangements where no sound goes to waste. Each song is an individual journey. Guy explains: “I'm from the South, where we sit on the front porch in rockers and porch swings, and everybody elaborates on everyday things, taking the listener on a little trip.”

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