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101 Avenue A - New York, NY

Taylor Bickett

Taylor Bickett is a storyteller at heart. Hailing from Indiana, she’s been writing music since before she can remember. Taylor’s intimate lyrics and outstanding vocal range gracefully overlay organic indie pop production to create introspective singer/songwriter tunes. After her wistful, Gen Z anthem “QUARTER LIFE CRISIS” hit the internet in 2022, the track compelled a generation struggling with their newfound adulthood to share their own photos and stories on TikTok soundtracked by her song. The trending audio amassed nearly half a million fan-made videos, and “QUARTER LIFE CRISIS” quickly accumulated over 30 million streams. Celebrities like Drew Barrymore and Kevin Jonas showcased their own transformations from age sixteen to now atop Taylor’s track, which features the lyrics, “I swear 16 was yesterday, but now I’m closer to 28”. 


Taylor’s subsequent 2023 EP grown up and lonely demonstrates her knack for writing honest and unfiltered songs that resonate with an entire generation. Her music has been featured on Spotify playlists such as “Viral 50” (#10), “big on the internet,” “Pop Sauce,” “young & free,” “Chill Pop,” “New Pop Picks,” “Hits Don’t Lie," “songs to scream in the car” and more. 


Taylor kicked off 2024 with her single “I Like Mondays” which resonated with fans when she quickly wrote and posted the song on the 1st of January (a Monday). After spending this spring on the road supporting Ron Pope, Taylor began releasing new music which will lead up to a new EP release in Fall of 2024. Her newest single “Binary Code” is available on all streaming platforms now. 

September 24 / Knitting Factory New York
Show: 8:30 pm