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101 Avenue A - New York, NY


n some ways, it’s helpful to conceptualize Tetchy’s music not so much as creating a sound, as creating a place. A place to radically feel. Somewhere that trauma is laid bare, smashed to pieces and then reconstructed through audacious freedom and unabashed pleasure. Perhaps the defining aspect of the burgeoning Tetchy lore is that vocalist/guitarist Maggie Denning is, in her own words, “someone who has very big feelings”. From the band’s earliest releases, her songs have been repositories of visceral emotion; from unshakeable heartbreak and soul-crushing grief to delirious joy and brazen lust.  


Amongst these highest highs and the lowest lows, Tetchy craft their expansive and emotional musical universe. A world of whispered hushes that explode into eviscerating screams, and ambient space that gives way to bludgeoning walls of sound. A home to embrace one’s good chaos and to work through bad thoughts 


At the heart of Tetchy beats the creative partnership of Denning and drummer-now-guitarist Jesse French, who are the two members that have remained mainstays through the young band’s early shifts into the current lineup backed by Kaitlin Pelkey on bass, and Max Goldstein on drums. While this is the lineup that fans will see clambering over stages throughout the nation, their upcoming EP, All In My Head, wouldn’t exist without trusted Tetchy alums Dylan LaPointe (bass) & Chris Krasnow (guitar), who’s playing you’ll hear on this record and who bought the bones of Denning’s demos to life. 


Ultimately, no matter the personnel, Tetchy is a group effort, a family outing replete with awkward conversations, quiet love, and the knowledge that we’ll all get through this together.

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