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101 Avenue A - New York, NY

The Minarets

It's 1966 and you're at the Scotch Lounge in Karachi, Pakistan. The lights dim and the
curtain draws... The room is filled with westerners on holiday and veterans of the local
nightlife, whose long, thin cigarettes release plumes of pale smoke, creating a hypnotic
haze over the capacity crowd. Standing before you are THE MINARETS, four striking
gentlemen in matching, bespoke suits, towering over the sightline as their name
suggests. Their freshly coiffed hair and stoic demeanor exudes a thrilling sense of tension
and intrigue. A tale told in jest, or a Pakistani fever dream of swingin' sixties
matters not...for THE MINARETS are poised to beseech you with the flash and panache of
their instrumental Rock 'n' Roll prowess.

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