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101 Avenue A - New York, NY


Whirlybird is a folk rock ‘labor of love’ spearheaded by songwriter and guitarist Avery Milner. Together with their four piece NYC-based band, Whirlybird stitches together the sweet, silly, and spooky over  groovy freak folk instrumentals. Milner’s most recent album, ‘Dove is a Pigeon’, is a deeply authentic display of the complex relationship between self and place, set over an orchestra of crickets, crows, and sparrows. With an eclectic mix of intricate guitar picking, mellow bass, and off kilter percussion, Whirlybird handcrafts their melodies with tender love and care to hit you where it hurts. Fun in the venue, sad on the pillow, Whirlybird will make you laugh and cry and love again. Pinky swear.

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