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101 Avenue A - New York, NY

Yeah Baby

Yeah Baby are a New York City band formed in 2016, consisting of Sean Kwon, Hanna White, and Skyler Skjelset (founding member of Fleet Foxes; once-touring member of The Walkmen, Beach House), joined live by drummer Harry Smith. They released their debut album Neptune Hotel in 2020, followed by numerous singles since, and have been working on their sophomore album set to be released at the end of 2023. Dramatic and dynamic, Yeah Baby’s sound balances harsher sonic elements with softer romance, echoing an appreciation of post-punk, shoegaze, no wave, and noise rock. They perform regularly, making a name for themselves in the New York City and East Coast music scenes.
Suggested listening — "Sugar" (Neptune Hotel LP, 2020); "Maniac" (Car No. 5 / Maniac EP, 2021); "Blackout, July '19" (single, 2021)

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