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101 Avenue A - New York, NY

Mary Jane Dunphe (Release Party) with Liam Benzvi and Anno
Knitting Factory New York
101 Avenue A - New York, NY 10009
Fri February 2 8:30 pm (Doors: 8:00 pm)
21 and up
$18.00 Tickets


Mary Jane Dunphe

Mary Jane Dunphe is a poet and musician who tells stories–not through direct narrative but through embodied presence and performance, through cinematic and fragmented memory, the wild transmission of feeling. Her versatile songwriting has garnered critical acclaim in past projects such as the visceral punk of Vexx and Gen Pop, the minimal dream pop of CCFX and CC Dust, and the lonesome country-rock of The County Liners–and now Dunphe’s debut solo album, Stage of Love, is the start of a captivating new chapter.


Five years and a cease and desist from one of pop culture’s biggest names behind them, Anno (formerly Olivia Neutron-John) is back in DC continuing on in their pre-midi fascination.