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101 Avenue A - New York, NY

(Cancelled) Outlet Arts Collective: the music of Godspell
Knitting Factory New York
101 Avenue A - New York, NY 10009
Mon July 22 8:30 pm (Doors: 12:00 am)
21 and up

Join us in a community concert-style Godspell singalong on July 22, 8pm, at Baker Falls/Knitting Factory at 101 Ave A, NYC. We’re a collective of pros and amateurs and just folks who love music and musicals, all doing it for the joy of it. We’ve got a live band and there will be a shofar, some tap dancers, and there will probably be soloists (maybe even someone you know) and there will definitely be a chorus (which I hope is the entire audience). If you don’t have a tambourine, I’ll bring an extra one for you. 


This event is strictly for the fun of it. It’s all volunteer, even the audience. There will be no fee for admission. Grab a cocktail at the bar and shake some maracas.