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101 Avenue A - New York, NY

Kate NV, Ka Baird, Diatom Deli
Knitting Factory New York
101 Avenue A - New York, NY 10009
Wed September 20 8:30 pm (Doors: 8:00 pm)
21 and up
$25.00 Tickets


Kate NV

Kate NV is the multifaceted solo persona of Moscow-based artist Kate Shilonosova. A changeling that follows afflatus in all its forms, NV is a student of architecture, illustrates curious, colorful characters, and improvises live with bells and water glasses amidst compact synthesizers and cables. NV emerged in 2013 a glittering apparition set apart from her other roles: fronting Glintshake, a post-punk project, and playing a part in the Moscow Scratch Orchestra. Her debut Pink Jungle EP was followed by the frenetic pop-leaning Binasu released by Orange Milk in 2016 and the minimalist exploration of для FOR released by RVNG in 2018. 

As her musical pendulum swings back from playful instrumental to surreal song, NV paired with RVNG for the second time on Room for the Moon in 2020. Moon found NV stretching out into polished New Wave pop, flecked with Russian conceptualism, Japanese City Pop, and French surrealism—clever, lyrical, and accompanied by visuals that felt ripped right out of late 80s public access TV. 

Turning the contents of Room for the Moon upside down and spilling it across a floor checkered with intrigue and surprise, Kate places sound, object, and ritual under the microscope to magnify the delight hidden in plain sight of everyday life with her fourth album, and third for RVNG Intl, WOW. WOW offers listeners a prismatic shift in perspective and scale, a parallel dimension in which the mundane becomes funny, unfamiliar, and altogether sensational. 

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Ka Baird

Ka Baird is an American recording artist, multi-instrumentalist, producer and performer based in New York City. Baird is known and heralded for her raw, ecstatic, and boundary pushing live solo performances which often involve energetic and experimental body movements, vocal and mic techniques and flute playing. 

Respires, the second solo album by Ka Baird, and first on RVNG, blurs the line between word and action, definition and possibility. Spirited yet restrained, bearing its wildly thrummed heart strings and inner calm alike, Respires ventures toward the unknown, charting the shifting ground of experimental music and the rewards born of risk. 

Baird followed Respires with Bespires (2020), a collection of outtakes and covers, and Vivification Exercises I (2021), a live performance captured at Roulette’s Brooklyn theater in May of 2018, releases part of the Commend THERE tape series. 

In Fall 2021, RVNG shared a new FRKWYS collaboration between Ka Baird and the late Pekka Airaksinen. Hungry Shells was recorded as part of a residency in 2018 at Le Guess Who? (Utrecht, NL), produced and mixed by Ka Baird in 2020 after she took time to process Pekka’s passing in 2019. 

Ka is a road warrior who tours the world often/when possible; her live performances are not to be missed. 

Diatom Deli

Taos-based artist Diatom Deli, or Delisa Paloma-Sisk, is an experimental multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who began her devoted musical career in 2015 with the release of her debut album Feelsounds, and second album TQM (Te Quiero Mucho) in 2018. Her work is driven by ethereal sonic experimentation that comprises hypnotic loops, bright samples, and subtle melodies. 

Diatom Deli has evolved as a project over the past six years while Deli traveled around the country delivering powerful performances utilizing classical guitar, layered harmonies, synths, and samples to catalyze celestial soundscapes and an immersive, transcendent experience. A diatom is a microscopic organism that helps humans and the environment maintain equilibrium, and Deli’s emblematizes this mechanism in her music through harmonic transmissions that recalibrate the spirit towards deeper renewal. 

On her third album, Time~Lapse Nature, Deli brings blissful melodies to a looping forefront, with tracks that reverberate in welcome perpetuity. The album captures a longing that heals as it scatters, with wholehearted tunes that punctuate the silence with loving reams, as visual as they are auditory, with textured landscapes that beam telepathically as song, picture, and deliberate dance. 

Time~Lapse Nature is a transportive continuation of the blooming sincerity that characterizes Deli’s musical inclinations. Every line hangs low in your consciousness—an invitation to sink closer towards a melting core situated at the brink of all thought. Classical guitar and a cherished OP-1 deliver the intimate spaciousness that makes Deli’s work so immediately familiar yet surprising, like an errant glint reflecting from within a dark sky.