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101 Avenue A - New York, NY


Book/Spirit is a five-piece Brooklyn based outfit that combines seemingly irreconcilable elements – straightforward rock riffs and atmospheric jam sections, catchy melodies with heavily distorted guitars – to create a sonically lush oeuvre. Book/Spirit traces their origins back to 2018 in Williamsburg, when ad-hoc jam sessions between friends created the foundation to build something dynamic and beautiful together. Drawing upon influences from indie, 90’s college & alternative rock, shoegaze, and noise rock, the band’s line-up features three guitarists who make heavy use of effects pedals (two of whom share lead vocal duties) and is anchored by bass and drums. Their latest single, 'Crumb', is the third single off of their forthcoming debut full-length, "Easements", out on 3/1. 

There are currently no upcoming events.