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101 Avenue A - New York, NY

Dylan Earl

People’s most interesting aspects often arise from their contradictions, the parts of us which would seem dissonant but in truth create the fantastic harmony of our personas. This is certainly the case with Dylan Earl. At first glance, he is the spitting image of your classic ramblin’ man - ripping doobies outside the truckstop, singing his sad songs in a different dive every night, riding off into every sunset and pissing in the wind. However, if you look a little closer, listen a little deeper, you might uncover more delicate and thoughtful selves - the philosopher, the poet, and the gooey hearted dreamer. This duality is highlighted in the lore of “I Saw The Arkansas,” the tale of a homesick road dog howling for the rolling hills of his natural habitat, yet dazzled by the siren call of the American touring circuit’s beautiful chaos.

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June 20 / Knitting Factory New York
Show: 8:30 pm