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101 Avenue A - New York, NY

Indigo Fuzz

Indigo Fuzz is a power trio based out of NYC/NJ. The members of Indigo Fuzz hold kin to the raucous riffage of the past, but in the same breath reject any idealization or comparison in sonic quality to their forebears. The soundscape the group envisions is a vast swath; incorporating colors of baroque, psychedelia, blues rock, and folk. The group have been performing at various venues and writing material non-stop since their inception in August 2021. Indigo Fuzz released their first musical offering February 2022, a double-single titled “Let’s Play House / Fool For You”. Indigo Fuzz released their second double-single on May 25th 2022 titled “Damn You Woman / Envy”. Indigo Fuzz is young, talented, and hungry to prove themselves on the northeast music circuit & beyond.

There are currently no upcoming events.