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101 Avenue A - New York, NY

She's Green

she's green is a Minneapolis-based dream-inducer comprised of vocalist Zofia Smith, guitarists Liam Armstrong and Raines Lucas, bassist Teddy Nordvold, and drummer Kevin Seebeck. The band has played many shows throughout the Midwest, filling rooms with droning fuzz and reverberating screams. They’ve shared bills with acts such as Hotline TNT, Milly, Friko, Jesse Jo Stark, and more. They’ve received recognition through their first two released singles, "river" and "smile again", both recorded and mixed at home. A raw emotional intensity shines through their honest and explorative songwriting process. After the success of their debut EP Wisteria, they're now working on recording more music and it's clear they're only scratching the surface of their assemblance of influences.

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