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101 Avenue A - New York, NY


Sister. is a Brooklyn-based indie trio composed of Hannah Pruzinsky (they/she), Ceci Sturman (she/her), and James Chrisman (he/him). Senior year of college, Ceci wrote a song for a course assignment and asked Hannah, her roommate since freshman year, to sing it, and the two of them soon started gigging. In the five years since, they’ve been living together and writing songs that could only come from their friendship, trust, and openness. James joined in 2020, and the three of them grew close as collaborators and friends through the early days of the pandemic, during which they remotely recorded their 2020 debut EP Soft Spot. In 2021, Sister. followed up with their sophomore studio EP Something / Nothing. In October 2023, Sister. released their debut LP, Abundance. The album was largely self-recorded in Woodstock, New York in a friend’s cabin, where a nearby creek was constantly picked up in the mics, and rain on the roof periodically ruined vocal takes. The band was finishing overdubs in Hannah’s closet back in Brooklyn when Felix Walworth (Told Slant, Florist) offered to play on the album, so Sister. enlisted Alex Harwood (Bloomsday) to record Felix’s drums and later to mix the record. A final song was recorded in Felix’s bedroom, straight to tape. Abundance is a collection of songs about and made of friendship. Hannah and Ceci also run NYC indie showpaper and blog, GUNK.

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