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101 Avenue A - New York, NY

Jordan Popky, Bonsai Trees , Katja
Knitting Factory New York
101 Avenue A - New York, NY 10009
Thu May 23 8:30 pm (Doors: 8:00 pm)
21 and up
$15.00 Tickets


Bonsai Trees

Connecticut-based indie rock powerhouse Bonsai Trees has carved a unique niche in the music scene since their establishment in 2011. Led by co-founder and singer/songwriter/guitarist James MacPherson, the band is set to embark on an exhilarating journey throughout 2024, promising a cascade of new music that will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark. 

Known for their distinctive sound, memorable hooks, and heartfelt lyrics, Bonsai Trees sets the stage for the year with the release of “Not Happening” on January 26th. This is just the beginning, as they follow up with the debut single “Medusa” from their highly anticipated new album. 

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